Submissions wanted! Everyone is invited! You are invited!
I humbly request the assistance and participation of artists of all skills and abilities to submit pieces for print in a robot art anthology. It will be a 7.5 x 10.5” saddle-stitched color cover book with black and white guts. This collection will be self-published for distribution online. All profits will go to funding the production of the book. I work at a digital printing company, so I should be able to get this done with a much lighter bill!
Concerning subject matter, do anything you like! Schematics, figures, pin-ups…write adventure or psychological comic stories…variety is great! Do what you want, the future’s the limit!
  • 300 dpi, 7.5 x 10.5” ratio (portrait orientation), 1/4-inch bleed, png or tiff
  • submit two individual pieces, and/or 2-8 sequential comic pages 
  • black and white (with gray tones if you like)
  • recent, previously made works are acceptable
  • parody, reference, and (to an extent) fan works are acceptable, but depending on the final amount of submissions, I will accept original content for print as top priority.
  • all accepted contributors will receive 10 copies, plus an additional for a total of 11, as well as a digital pdf version so you can print and distribute copies yourself if you desire.
  • space is limited! These will be smallish saddle-stitched (staple bound) and thus at the mercy of what staples can accomodate…my greatest hope is for a nice healthy 40 pages.
  • original content and design! 

please send completed submissions to cruiserdynamo at gmail dot com.

*acceptance process for final print
*prospective ideas and add-ons, pending interest
*original guideline post with a little more explanation
*long-ass note on NSFW

*promotional art prints???

if you have any questions, need further clarification or would like to discuss anything about your submission, please email me at the address above, or send an ask here!

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